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p4110081I know. I’ve been remiss in posting anything from the kitchen for a few days.

p4130173I can’t help it. The grandkids are here!!

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beds2Believe it or not, there’s more going around here most of the time besides cooking and eating. We garden. We go antiquing. And BeeBop builds. He’s a right fair carpenter, too. For the last several weeks he’s been working on a set of bunk beds for our grandson, A. And he’s pretty close to being finished. All that’s left is the painting. I think A said he wants red and blue. He’s an All-American kind of guy, A is.


Better start cleaning your room, A. BeeBop’s nearly done with the beds!

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Springtime in the South

narcissus1One of the sure signs of Spring’s imminent arrival is the bright yellow narcissus. It’s a tenacious little thing, pushing its way through the neglected garden debris of the previous year to pop its vibrant, golden yellow self out into the sunlight.

narcissus2Reminds me of my daughter, L, when she was a baby and climbed the stairs all on her own for the first time. Proud of her accomplishment, she sat on the top stair and shouted, “See me! See me!” until attention was duly paid.

narcissus3Hurry up, Spring! It’s been a long, cold winter.

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Moonlight Through the Pines

View from our deck early last night.  Been humming “Georgia On My Mind” ever since.


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Unexpected Dinner Guests

Three Does in FebruaryLate yesterday afternoon while cooking supper (yes, I call it “supper” — so I’m old and grew up in the country), I looked out the back windows and saw three unexpected guests. Aren’t they beautiful? I ran to grab my camera fully expecting them to be gone by the time I got back, but they weren’t! I knew that if I opened the door they would be gone before I could snap a single photo, so I shot them through the windows. They watched me watching them for a long time.  Three beautiful does. They nibbled on the shrubs at the rear of the yard for a while and then ambled off into the wooded lot next door. Hope they found something tasty for dinner. By the time that I re-focused on cooking, ours was umm…just a little scorched.

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