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A couple of days before Father’s Day I handed BeeBop my copy of Hershey’s Classic Recipes and told him to pick out anything in it that he’d like for his special Father’s Day treat. What he chose was this classic no-bake cheesecake. And, although the title says it’s no-bake, you do actually bake the crust but not the filling. But don’t let that keep you from trying this one. The short baking time for the crust doesn’t heat up the kitchen too badly on these hot, hot summer days.

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It’s been a really long time since I baked a cake. I don’t even remember the last one I did bake. So, last weekend I thought it was just time for one. And what could be better than a good old Red Velvet Cake? With all that yummy cream cheese and toasted pecans. How can you resist something like that?

Red Velvet cake is actually a chocolate layer with red food coloring added and then frosted with a cream cheese icing. I started wondering about the origins of Red Velvet, a cake well known throughout the South, so I did a little internet searching. Turns out not much is known about its origins, but there is general agreement on its popularity!  I love this quote from Angie Mosier, a food writer from Atlanta, who said “It’s the Dolly Parton of cakes: a little bit tacky but you love her!” Perfect description of the luscious Red Velvet.

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Outrageous Chocolate Cookies

choc_cookies_finalThis is a Martha Stewart recipe that I’ve made many times. They’re soft and chewy with a slight crunch on the outside. Kind of a cross between a brownie and a cookie. So good with a glass of milk!

I made these for BeeBop to take to his office for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t eat a single one. I thought he might bring a few back home. Nope. Not one left.


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