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Okay. I know there’s a less than zero chance that anyone who reads this blog is ever going to make their own butter. I also already know that you think I’m totally crazy for doing it, too, so please don’t feel that you have to comment on that¬†ūüôā ¬†Thank you very much.¬† It was just one of those things I’d never done and I wanted to see if I could do it. You understand, right? And let me tell you something…you have never, ever tasted butter that tastes like this! Oh. My. Gracious. Goodness.¬† It’s so much sweeter, so much butterier than any butter I’ve ever had. And it only took about ten minutes from start to finish. So, some weekend when you have nothing else to do, buy a quart of heavy cream and make yourself some real, true butter.

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Freezing Tomatoes

tomatoesHere’s a tip. Preserve those beautiful red, ripe tomatoes when¬†they are plentiful in the summer. Simply wash and dry them thoroughly and place in plastic freezer bags. When it’s cold and dreary in the winter, take out a bag and let it thaw in the fridge or on the counter. Once they’re thawed, the skins will slip right off and you can chop the tomatoes for whatever use you want! Great in pasta sauce or a¬†steaming bowl of tomato-ey vegetable soup on a cold day!


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Cooking Tip – Bacon

bacon_platedIt’s no secret that I think bacon must be the food of the Gods. I’m firmly convinced that bacon is what they greet you with when you get to heaven. It’s also no secret that I hate cooking bacon on the stovetop. The grease¬†gets everywhere and pops all over the cook. So, I was very happy to learn sometime in the past the way that bacon is prepared in restaurants is by baking. In the oven. No popping and no grease to clean up from the stovetop afterwards. I can’t express how happy I am to know this secret. So, I’m passing it on to anyone else who needs to know.


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